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Private AI Robot for automated trading in volatile cryptocurrency markets. No fear. No emotion.

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Why people choose our service?

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MMbot is an AI based trading robot that follows high-end algorithms developed by our dev team.
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Our AI robot analyzes the market 24/7, making 20-40 profitable trades per day.
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Strict money management protocol, followed by our trading robot, allows you to minimize the risks from trading and keep your deposit safe.
You don't need to configure the robot manually. We have 4 working presets, and the robot, by analyzing the charts, chooses the most applicable preset for each trading pair.
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We deduct a fair fee of 20% from the profits we make for you. The remaining 80% is transferred to your balance every day.
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We have a low entry barrier of 0.005 BTC. Your deposit is never frozen and is always ready for withdrawal.
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Last 10 closed deals

Date Pair Deal volume Profit, BTC * Profit, %
22.06.2019 16:19 QTUM-BTC 456.17000000 QTUM 0.00119991 0.1282%
19.06.2019 16:38 ZEC-BTC 0.95100000 ZEC 0.00009467 0.0101%
19.06.2019 15:39 BNB-BTC 43.81000000 BNB 0.00154761 0.1657%
14.06.2019 09:05 STORJ-BTC 141.00000000 STORJ 0.00003896 0.0041%
14.06.2019 07:10 AION-BTC 224.12000000 AION 0.00003723 0.0039%
14.06.2019 03:06 ICX-BTC 107.51000000 ICX 0.00003545 0.0037%
13.06.2019 23:40 ICX-BTC 613.57000000 ICX 0.00014737 0.0157%
13.06.2019 15:47 AE-BTC 1197.53000000 AE 0.00051106 0.0547%
13.06.2019 12:04 ZEC-BTC 1.04600000 ZEC 0.00010885 0.0116%
13.06.2019 05:29 NANO-BTC 97.64000000 NANO 0.00010156 0.0108%

* Regarding the total active trade balance

Our strategy(short)

Our trading strategy is based on the buy of an altcoins during the breakdown of the lower limit of the Bollinger Bands oscillator (BB) in conjunction with additional filters: the average trading volume for the period, the price deviation for the period (%).

If the entry point doesn't pass all filters, the deal doesn't open. Each deal takes from 14 to 20% of the total deposit, it depends on the number of active bots. This amount is divided into 10 orders with an averaging coefficient of 1.25. It turns out that the first order takes only 0.6% of the total deposit.

Usually it does not go beyond 3-4 orders. During all the testing time there was only 1 case where all 10 orders were executed. Take profit is set on half of the average volatility for the period. There is also a filter here, it allows not to waste time on coins with low yield.

We have 40+ pairs on the list. All information about them is updated once for an hour and goes to our platform for analysis. In addition, we monitor the fundamental news on altcoins, and if there is a very bad news and the coin is threatened with a prolonged decline, we exclude it from our list.

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